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Pulse-Pounding Thrillers by Luke Richardson

The Templar Enigma signed postcards

The Templar Enigma signed postcards

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⭐️ A postcard of The Templar Enigma book cover

⭐️ Professionally printed in full color on high quality card.

⭐️ Personally signed by ME (Luke Richardson!)

⭐️ Price INCLUDES shipping

Even in our modern digital world, there’s something great about physical things, isn’t there?

You can, of course, buy all my books in paperback and most in hardback formats too, but still they’re printed digitally at your local printer, and then shipped directly to you.

I could sign a paperback book and ship it to you. That’s fine if you’re in the UK, where postage is less than £5, but if you’re in the USA or in Europe, that gets expensive very quickly. 

That’s when I came up with the idea of the postcards. They’re lightweight, so are cheap to post, and look great. I can also sign the back with a personal message. If you have a paperback copy you can slip it inside, or just stick the card to your fridge to show it off to all your visitors!

If you want them to be signed with a specific personal message, please send me an email after you’ve made the purchase.

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