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The Paris Heist Audiobook

The Paris Heist Audiobook

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Can a priceless painting vanish into thin air?

Ten years ago, Bernard Moreau baffled police by stealing a Picasso from the Modern Art Museum. He was arrested and imprisoned, but the painting was never found.

Now, back on the streets, all eyes are on Moreau. But he’s a skilled thief and isn’t going to make it easy.

EDEN BLACK can’t stand corruption and the theft of priceless art. This case reeks of them both. Heading to Paris, she vows to return the Picasso to its rightful home as soon as possible.

ADRIANA VILLA works alone, always, that’s the rule. So, when she sees another woman following her mark, things get heated.

To find the painting before a dirty police inspector with a score to settle, the pair must put their egos aside and work together. What they discover shows that nothing is as simple as it first seems.

THE PARIS HEIST is an up-tempo novella which will keep you pinned to the pages until the very end. If you like the sound of a race against the clock, action packed, adventure thriller, set amongst the blissful Parisian streets, you’ll love THE PARIS HEIST.


Audiobook Length: 1 hour 19 minutes



While THE PARIS HEIST has loads of conflict, chase scenes, fighting and suspense, there's no swearing, sex or gore.

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What USA Today, New York Times, and Amazon Bestselling authors think of Luke Richardson's writing:

“Luke Richardson writes stories the way artists were meant to, by immersing themselves in scenes so that the reader feels like they are in the room with the characters.”

“Richardson redefines the genre, but in a VERY good way. Skip this one at your peril!”

“Luke Richardson has a unique way of transporting you to the locations in his books and dropping you right into the mess with his characters.”

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