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Luke Richardson

The Ark Files Paperback (Eden Black book 1)

The Ark Files Paperback (Eden Black book 1)

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Imagine a secret manuscript that could change the world, and you’re the only person who knows where it is.

Professional treasure hunter EDEN BLACK is no stranger to action. After all, the artifacts she spends her life returning to their rightful owners aren’t always easy to access.

When Eden’s father dies in a plane crash, her life’s turned upside down. Grief turns to fear when she learns that it wasn't an accident. Everyone involved in an archaeological dig twenty years ago has met with a similar untimely end. Everyone that is, but Eden who was ten at the time.

When her father’s house is raided and burned to the ground, Eden’s forced into action. To learn the truth about her father’s death and save herself from sharing his fate, Eden must uncover the manuscript and expose its secrets once and for all.

But this time the world is watching, and not everyone is on her side.

THE ARK FILES is the first in a brand-new pulse-pounding archaeological thriller series by Luke Richardson. Fans of Dan Brown, Clive Cussler, and Ernest Dempsey will devour this in hours!

While THE ARK FILES has loads of conflict, chase scenes, fighting and suspense, there's no swearing, sex or gore.

What USA Today, New York Times, and Amazon Bestselling authors think of Luke Richardson's writing:

“Luke Richardson writes stories the way artists were meant to, by immersing themselves in scenes so that the reader feels like they are in the room with the characters.”

“Richardson redefines the genre, but in a VERY good way. Skip this one at your peril!”

“Luke Richardson has a unique way of transporting you to the locations in his books and dropping you right into the mess with his characters.”

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