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Pulse-Pounding Thrillers by Luke Richardson

A blind date with one of my books! (Very limited edition - only 10 available)

A blind date with one of my books! (Very limited edition - only 10 available)

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 Are you ready for a unique literary experience this Black Friday and holiday season?

I invite you on a blind date with one of my books! ❤️ I think you'll be the perfect match.

📘 What Makes a Blind Date with one of my books so special?

Whether you're a devoted fan or new to my stories and characters, this is your chance to immerse yourself in my captivating worlds.

Each book in this collection features a personal dedication from the author, (me!), making it a truly one-of-a-kind literary gift.

But there's more – my exclusive blind book packages also include a curated selection of captivating items from the very places where these stories came to life, including photos, postcards, maps, currency, and other charming mementos.

Hit that buy button today and you'll receive: 

⭐️ A mystery paperback book by Luke Richardson, carefully selected just for you.

⭐️ A curated assortment of items straight from the setting of the book, including authentic photos, postcards, maps, currency, and other charming mementos. These are real keepsakes collected during my travels, and they are available in extremely limited quantities.

⭐️ Your book will be personally signed and dated. Want a special message? Just let me know and I'll include it. 

⭐️ Each book will be personally annotated by the author, detailing the places which inspired the story and other interesting facts!

⭐️ Each book is beautifully wrapped with care by the talented Mrs. Richardson, ensuring a delightful unboxing experience.

⭐️ As a bonus, you'll receive a digital copy of the entire book series, allowing you to immerse yourself in all the captivating stories.

If you've ever been moved by one of my books, this is your opportunity to own a unique part of it - keep the story forever and connect with the place it came from! 

It's also the perfect gift to introduce someone special in your life to the captivating world of my stores.

Don't miss out on this extraordinary Black Friday and holiday season offer. Once these books are sold, that's it, there will be no more.

Hit the BUY button and secure yours today! 

Thank you and happy holidays! 

Luke 😁 

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